Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonderful service provided by "108" EMRI

Please find below the experience of a person regarding the service provided by 108 and pass to everyone so that it may be useful.

I am sharing my personal experience with 108 (EMRI) on their Quick response.

When I travel from Pondicherry to Coimbatore last Sunday (02-08-09) night by Bus, the bus met an accident with lorry in National Highway nearby Atthur Landmark: Paaventhar college of Arts and Science.

Two of my co-passenger got injured.
One is lady and second is her baby of 15months old.
The lady had an injury in her hand and the baby was motionless. The First-Aid kit is also missing in the bus.
The accident happened at mid-night 00:57am .

On seeing the condition of the baby and mother, I immediately called 108 at
00:59am . Explained the state of injured persons and location of the place, Village, District & Taluk (assisted by a local person). It took around 3minutes.

At 01:03am
(within a minute) I got a call from 108 with a conference to the district level center explained the exact location and condition of the persons injured. It took around 3minutes.

At 01:08am
again I got a call from the Ambulance saying that they are on the way to accident spot.

To be surprise, the Ambulance reached the spot
at 01:17am and started the treatment. The baby was brought to the active state (may be due to timely attempt by 108-EMRI) and medicines given for injured lady. At the end of their treatment both of them came to normal.

The EMRI 108 Ambulance reached the spot
within 15minutes from the receipt of information to them

Here I would like express one thing that except me, none of the co-passengers were not aware of 108.

As I am aware of 108 through training given for
EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILL conducted in June 09, I could help the co-passengers..


dubukudisciple said...

thanks for the info sumathi

Dinesh C said...

Romba naaluku apram ingana oru post :)

Buddha said...

My frineds Brother got hit by a vehicle and thanks to 108 he is still alive...

I do not know abt the Rest of COuntry but this Facility is very gud in T.N