Tuesday, June 3, 2008

பெங்களுர் மக்களுக்காக!

In an emergency such as accident-trauma, stroke, cardiac arrest... the battle to save a life is really a battle against time.
E-one, Wockhardt Emergency care service is a fully equipped ICU on wheels (ambulance), which has unique features to benefit the victims in a life-death situation. It has all the equipment and expertise needed to treat any emergency situation.

When you dial 105711 for E-one service, the call is directed to Wockhardt Hospitals' central
emergency care command centre, which promptly directs an ambulance with advanced life-saving equipment (mobile critical care unit) from the nearest Wockhardt ICU. The GPRS can trace the distance and location of the ambulance reaching the hospital from the pick-up spot.

E-ONE Wockhardt Emergency Care NetworkTreatment to the patient starts right from the time the patient calls E-one service. Once the patient is picked-up, an attempt is made
by the doctor to stabilize the patient in the vehicle, even before reaching the hospital. The doctor in the ambulance, is in constant touch with the specialist at Wockhardt Hospitals.

E-ONE is backed by a team of 310 dedicated specialist and 150 ICU beds across the Wockhardt
Hospitals network (at Bannerghatta Road, Cunningham Road, Rajajinagar, Nagarbhavi)
and guided by a team of American Board Certified specialists in critical care.

All working together as one.
Bannerghatta Road
6621 4444
Cunningham Road
4199 4444

Note: The treatment in the ambulance is free of cost.
Please save this number for emergency purposes. Mobile users will have to prefix 080.

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