Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ஐபில் SMS மோசடி

ஐபில் போட்டியின் போது இடையே வரும் போட்டி மோசடி பத்தி தனது நொந்த அனுபவத்தை ஒரு அன்பர் சொல்கிறார் கேளூங்கள்.

I was very act participant of Life Bana De Contest also I got lucky and got a call from Sony Entertainment for Prize 3 given below. After which I learned some hidden fact regarding this contest.

Prize includes:

1) Bright Home worth Rs. 1 Crore fully funished by Godrej

2) 5 Gift hampers worth Rs.1 Lakh each from Godrej ECON every week.

3) 70 Magic Boxes from Vodafone in every match

Known facts by company or Condition apply:*

All are computer selected.

* Godrej or Vodafone or Sony employee can not apply.

* SMS cost Rs. 3 to Rs. 5

Hidden Facts:

It’s not so easy as given in paper or seen in TV Advertisement.

1) If you get lucky by selected computer. Then you have to go through second round of selection which is selected by contest sponsor people.

2) As common in all contest the prize winner of the contest are far far far and fare relative or some way have link with company sponsoring the contests.

3) If you escape from this all, get ready to pay 40% service tax for the price.

4) Most shocking people should watch out for SMS funda, clearly they will mention MORE you send your reply you have the chance to WIN the prize.
6) Condition apply funda is not made public until you go for claiming the prize. Why…..?

Hat off to people coming with so much hidden facts for contests. End of the day people who get benefited are Sponsors and Telecom Service provider (those getting sms from people and those service sms are people are using).

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திவா said...

அவர் அட்ரஸை கொடுங்களேன். எங்க ஊர் புகை வண்டி நிலையத்தை அவருக்கு விக்கனும்!